Platsens poetik


Södra station

The assignment was to design the entire space surrounding the station created when Södra Station (the Southern Station) was decked over. I worked with the room created by the pillars placed throughout the station and the colouring of the surfaces that were covered with tiles. I constructed a waving pattern which never repeats itself to make it exciting to move through the approximately 5000 square meters of the station. The pattern is made out of two shapes based upon the angles of The Golden Section. The material is terrazzo, and the colours (pink, green, and grey) are light to make the floor reflect light from above. When light reflects off of the floor these colours blend to create a warm yellowish light. Photo credits: © Tekla Severin (image 1–4)



Playful sculptural representations of the nine letters in the name of the station. A game using shapes and materials, with concrete, pebbles, granite, polished stone, sand, glass, mirrors, gold, marble, rusty iron, stainless steel and rails used by Stockholm Transport. In collaboration with Leif Bolter, Veine Johansson and Inga Modén

A. Mirrors and granite

X. Rails used by Stockholm Transport.

E. Concrete, pebbles and polished stone 

L. Hand-painted marble on polyester

S. Sand and polyester

B. Concrete and silicate-paint

E. Glass and mirrors

R. Iron ore, iron and stainless steel

G. Concrete and gold


Karlskrona Landstadshus

Levels, surfaces, plants, pillars and a sculpture. The expression is made to associate to nature and vegetation on rocks. The cracks on the rocks look different in different landscapes and reveal the rock’s hidden crystalline geometry. In this case, the hidden geometry has its roots in the golden section.


Danderyds gymnasium

Illusionary perspective images in a system of corridors for Danderyd gymnasium (high school). The viewer’s position and movements change the visual experience of the shapes painted on the walls, floor, and ceiling. In one corridor you see a circle from one side, and another shape from the other side. In another corridor, the floor appears to be checkered from one side, but not from the other.


Motala theatre

Our intention was to give the curtain the appearance of volume. The flat curtain was made of printed velvet with applications of shiny silk. The colour and pattern of these applications create the illusion of three dimensions and light.


Mörby Centrum

Mörby Centrum is the end station of the subway’s northern line in Stockholm. Gösta Wessel and Karin Ek were commissioned to design the entire space.  The blown-out mountain room was showered with concrete and plastered white. Spotlights were placed on one side of the tunnel (being the only source of light). The shadow that appeared on the irregular walls were painted grey. In the same way, the spotlight was placed at the other end of the room, and those shadows were painted pink. The result of this process was a room that appeared grey and white from one side and pink and white from the other. And when the viewer moves forward at the station both grey and pink shadow figures appear. Both the viewer’s position and movement change the visual experience of the room. Photo credits: © Tekla Severin (image 1+2)